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At MailExperts, we understand the constant battle against email spam and the threats it poses to your organization's productivity and security. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to providing top-notch anti-spam solutions that empower your business to stay safe and focused. Say goodbye to inbox clutter and hello to a cleaner, more secure email environment.


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MailExperts is a fully autonomous and self learning antispam and email security system.
MailExperts is suitable for all companies, all industries.

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No Hardware Installation on premises nor Software Installation on clients' servers.

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No licenses involved in any infrastructure nor servers, and no maintenance required.

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Just a small change on your DNS's MX record, you are good to go. You are in control.


Increased productivity. Spend no time on clearing rubbish from your Inboxes.


Acting as your holding mail server at the frontline enabling server maintenance.


Immune to the ever-mutating spam, ransomware, malware, viruses, phishing.



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  • Unlimited Reports
  • Incoming / Outgoing
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  • Unlimited Addresses
  • Unlimited Reports
  • Incoming / Outgoing
  • Portal Access
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  • Unlimited Addresses
  • Unlimited Reports
  • Incoming / Outgoing
  • Portal Access
  • Statistics
  • Email Support

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People and Technology

MailExperts is a team of dedicated professionals with a passion for safeguarding your email communications. Our founders, with years of experience in cybersecurity and email technology, recognized the need for a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective anti-spam solution. This realization led to the birth of MailExperts.

What are spam filters?
Unwanted, unsolicited, and virus-infected emails are called spam, and spam filters are here to prevent them from getting into your email inbox. These filters are applied to both outbound email (which leaves the network) and inbound email (which enters the network). ISPs (internet service providers) also use spam filters to ensure that they are not spreading spam. Spam filters are beneficial since they provide additional protection to your computer. Hackers and other criminal elements use email as a common attack channel to infect systems with malware. Attackers usually send an email with an attached file that seems harmless. However, when the user clicks on the file link, a hidden virus within it gets executed immediately. In other cases, a link may be included in the body of the email. The receiver is directed to a malicious website when they click on that word or phrase. You can keep harmful emails out of your employees' inboxes by using the right spam filter.
Why should you spend on spam filtering services?
Those days are gone when spam had a minimal impact on your business and was nothing more than a small irritation. Unfortunately, it has evolved into a dangerous threat that can put a costly strain on your company resources with its sophisticated attacks and quickly evolving techniques. Hackers now send disguised emails to business accounts. When you click on such emails, your computer will be hacked, and your data will be stolen. These spam emails are so convincing that only an expert can identify. Using spam filters is to prevent your data from such spam mails. These filters:
  • Automatically detect and delete such dangerous threats
  • Have sophisticated identification features to filter only spam and allow other real males in the inbox
  • Can protect your company’s reputation by avoiding any odd scenarios. Such as, if your organization fails to protect a client's data, it may be a great setback to your company's profile. Antispam filtering will save you from such risks
  • Hackers mostly use IP addresses for hacking, which can be prevented by blacklisting specific IP addresses
Different Types of SPAM filters and how they work
Many different types of spam filters are available in the market. The most famous ones are as follows.
  • Blacklist filters
    A Blacklist filter blocks the IP addresses of spam emails. It evaluates the reputation of an IP address in real-time, and if any suspicious thing is found, the email is immediately labeled as spam and blacklisted.
    Many companies also use a header checking filter to target headhunters trying to attract their staff to other companies. Hence, they blacklist those emails containing promotions or sales offers that can distract their staff and waste their valuable time.
  • Header checking filter
    Such filters analyze the email headers to recognize spam emails. They recognize the IP addresses often used by hackers and data indicating that this email was a part of a group of emails sent to multiple recipients.
  • Content filters
    Content filters check each email's content and use this information to decide whether to send it to the spam folder or not. The spam email content is generally predictable, such as offering deals, advertising explicit material, or exploiting fundamental human emotions like fear and desires. Spammers often use target terms like "discount" or "special offer." Such words immediately activate the filter. Many companies also use these filters to scan emails automatically for offensive languages and block them.
  • Language filters
    Spammers often target people in other countries by sending them emails written in a different language that the recipient can't understand. Mostly, users want emails in a language that is frequently used in their country and is easily understood by them.
    However, if a business contact or client from another country contacts you, there's a possibility that the language filter can mistakenly label your email as spam. Thus, users must be warned to check their spam folders when expecting these messages.
  • Rule-base filters
    Rule-based filters enable users to make customized rules and implement them in all incoming emails. When the content of an email matches one of those rules, it is immediately added to the spam folder. Those rules may include specific phrases or words in a mail's text or header. This filter is popular among users who receive unsolicited emails for memberships.
  • Bayesian filters
    Bayesian filters use Bayesian analysis, also called Bayesian logic, to analyze the header and content of an email and check it for spam. For example, if you continuously mark all emails from a certain sender as spam, a Bayesian filter detects that trend. It checks your inbox for emails from that IP address and transfers them to your spam folder.
How does a Gmail spam filter work?
  • Domain and IP reputation
    Gmail considers both the sender's domain and IP address while deciding where to send an email. Gmail suggests setting up adequate authentication for your outgoing email to avoid your messages being rejected or censored,
  • Content
    The header, text, photos, and links in your email are all important in evaluating if it is spam, social, promotional, or inbox worthy.
    Content is still important, but the amount of enforcement now depends on the sender's reputation. Maintaining a high degree of subscriber interaction appears more important than avoiding "spammy" terms.
  • User Engagement
    Gmail's algorithms appear to value individual user activities in the inbox while choosing which emails to send to spam. Something that may be inboxed for me, promotions for someone, may seem to you as spam. Following user actions might be checked.
    • Emails are marked as spam.
    • Emails deleted without reading.
    • Emails moved to promotions
    • Starred mails
    • Emails forwarded
    • Email sent
    • Email read
    • Emails replied
    • Spam complaints or reports
    To keep your emails from ending up in Gmail's spam folder, clean up your list of inactive subscribers regularly. For passive subscribers or contacts with low levels of involvement, you should utilize a different engagement strategy.
  • Sending History
    According to Return Path, Gmail's default manners on new-fangled IP addresses is to momentarily block them for the first 2-24 hours. Only a small number of emails are sent to the inbox. Other emails are sent to the spam folder to find how the receiver reacts.
    If this initial test yields many complaints, most future emails will be filtered as spam. Gmail will consider the address safe for inboxing if receivers rescue mails from spam by selecting "This is not spam."
How does a Yahoo spam filter work?
Yahoo Mail employs sophisticated filters to identify if particular emails are valid or should be treated as spam and sent to the spam section. Yahoo monitors the following facts to filter spam emails
  • URL reputation
  • IP address reputation
  • Autonomous system number reputation
  • Domain keys identified mail signature
  • DMARC authentication
  • Sender reputation
Yahoo also offers services to protect your genuine email from being put into the spam folder. You can sign up for Yahoo's Complaint Feedback Loop to be notified when someone labels your emails as spam or complain about them. If you're still having problems with Yahoo Mail deliverability, you can report your sending IP address to Yahoo for examination.
There might be a problem with your filter settings if filters aren't operating properly or emails aren't being delivered to the correct folder. All emails pass the spam filter before going through any other filter. Check your spam folder first if your emails aren't in the right folder.
What makes us unique?
Our security experts ensure to deliver excellent spam filtering service, which includes multiple security features to protect your business advance email threats. Some of them are as follows.
  • Protection against advanced threats
    Our best spam filters will protect your inbox from ransomware, malware, spear-phishing, spam, and advanced persistent threats.
  • High Spam Detection Rate
    Our spam filters always have a high spam detection rate.
  • Internal Data protection
    Powerful data leak protection rules will make your internal data much more secure.
  • Best Spam Email blocker
    Email blocking services include blacklisting, whitelisting, recipient verification, advanced reporting, and outbound scanning.
  • Trigger words identification
    Our spam filtering solutions identify trigger words in an email, such as "You won" or "preapproved." Any email containing such content is suggested as SPAM.
Free Spam Filters vs. Paid Spam Filters?
Whether you've chosen a low-cost VPS provider or an expensive and comprehensive service, your email will always include a spam filter. Most email providers offer the same "free" spam filtering and security level. That's why you have many emails in your spam folder. There is a basic filter, and you'll frequently receive spam in your inbox. As a result, you must check your spam folder daily to ensure you don’t miss any essential emails.
Downloading antispam software available for free will have a similar effect, although it will be a bit more advanced. You may also have access to additional settings and features. Free spam filters are good for personal use but not very effective for companies with multiple employees and email accounts. All good spam filters are paid. Only a premium filter can provide the ideal security to your company's PCs and email accounts. They will scan and analyze the information more thoroughly. But make sure to choose a good spam filter worth your money. MailExperts are the most reliable agency to provide you with the best spam filtering system for your business.
Qualities of a good spam filtering service
We hope you must be convinced now that a good spam filtering service is very important for your business. When you decide to invest in or upgrade your spam filtering system, keep in mind that there are various spam filter programs to choose from, and it will take some time to find out which one is right for your company. Following are some key factors you must pay attention to while choosing the best spam filter for your business.
  • It must block spam. This may seem obvious, but not every spam filter software is sufficient for the duty (or keeps updated with the ever-changing world of spam attacks).
  • The solution you pick must provide the network protection you need, but it should not block important legitimate emails of the staff.
  • Administrators must be able to update and create rules in addition to predetermined rule settings for the filtering system to suit your organization's requirements. Even for inexperienced computer users, this change should be easy.
How effective is spam filtering?
Even though no spam filtering solution is 100% effective, a commercial email system without spam filtering is virtually useless. Spam emails often contain viruses, compromised web links, and phishing attacks, which may threaten your organization's data.
What is an outbound spam filter?
Outbound spam filtering addresses the issue of IP blocklisting, which happens when your network is blocked due to spammers infiltrating and using it to send spam. An effective outbound spam filter can identify the sender of each message and keep track of their long-term activity, checking for suspicious behavior.
What is inbound spam filtering?
An email sent to your inbox is called an inbound email. Inbound spam filtering is the process of ensuring that an email delivered to your inbox is not spam. When spam tries to reach your inbox, your email service provider will effectively stop it with an inbound spam filter.
What is Office365 spam filtering?
Anti-spam tools are built-in to Office365 mailboxes. This filtering is a part of EOP (Exchange online protection). While some of these settings are enabled by default, you may also fine-tune spam filtering in Exchange Admin Center to match your business's requirements.
How do MailExperts filters block spam?
MailExperts filters provide many layers of protection against spam mails. Advanced spam detection techniques such as sandboxing and dual antivirus engines detect zero-day malware. Additionally, the content analysis identifies message wording that spammers frequently use, and all past malware sources are instantly blacklisted.
Do I have to be technically knowledgable over spam?
That's the beauty of MailExperts, there's NO configuration to be adjusted. Other systems might have tens to hundreds buttons or configurations for you to do adjustment over spam sensitivity. Well, that basically means putting responsibility back to your hands, while the service provider still get paid. In our opinion, even the most expert mail administrator in the world will not know what the best configuration is, because there's none.
Is productivity so important?
It's the thing every company overlooks in businesses. Simple illustration: 30 mins a day, 10 employees, that's 5 man hours a day. With $20/hour rate, that's $100 loss a day, $2K loss per month, $24K loss per year.
How do you compare MailExperts against the other software in the market?
Based on feedback from our clients, our software happens to be more accurate and lesser email threats get filtered through without the need of doing adjustment or any form of settings in the software.
What happens to spam mails caught by MailExperts?
Because we don't bounce spam mails to stop the spamming vicious cycle, all spams are sent to oblivion, this way our fleets are always in good reputation.
Do i need to set my blacklist or whitelist in the software?
MailExperts works on Machine learning and does not require the businesses to set any backlist or whitelist settings in the software.
How easy is it to onboard MailExperts?
Getting on board is as easy as ABC. You just need to register for an account, add a domain and change your MX records to us and you will immediately enjoy a secure email environment in 30 mins time.
Can i release emails that might be accidentally caught?
You can release legitimate emails that are caught in MailExperts via the Portal or via Quarantine Report.

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